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Terms and conditions

  • All plans come with a compeletion of two tasks option or 7 days, whichever is earlier, to evaluate our service. If you are not happy with the service within the trial period, you can cancel the membership and no charges shall be made. If you do continue, then charges apply for all the hours used right from the start. However, you are responsible for any purchases and/or shipping charges you authorize.
  • None of the plans distinguish between business and personal tasks.
  • Your primary assistant will be available 5 days a week during your business hours.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade between any two plans with a prior notice of 15 days and it would start reflecting in the next billing cycle. Charges would be on a pro-rata basis.
  • All plans require a 10 days notice period for termination. This may be done immediately, if you are not happy with the service.
  • You can hold your account up to 2 months with a prior notice of 15 days and clearing the outstanding bill amount. No charges will be made during this hold period.
  • All premium plans and FTA come with a 20% rollover of total monthly hours or unused time, whichever is lesser. Rollover Time is not redeemable for cash or credit and is not transferable. In the event of cancellation and downgradation to the non-premium plans, your Rollover Time, if any, is lost indefinitely.
  • For urgent tasks, please mention "Urgent" on your request.
  • Payments are made through paypal.
  • No waiting period, we can assign you a VA suiting your requirement and personality immediately after you signup.
  • If you want to add a secondary user to your account, you have to email us two days in advance.

*Terms and conditions are subject to change