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Calendar Management

An essential element of any time management focus is getting control of your calendar.

  • Deciding what should be on your calendar
  • Scheduling the meeting – Getting it on everyone’s calendar
  • Responding to meetings scheduled by others

How well you are managing your calendar?

  • Your time is double and triple booked or that you are constantly in back-to-back meetings – as a result, you are unable to participate.
  • You initiate a meeting invitation without any clear agenda or necessary preparation identified.
  • You accept a meeting invitation, but don’t attend the meeting.
  • You decline a meeting just because your calendar shows that you are occupied at that time.
  • You respond to an invitation with a decline, but with no counter-proposal or other helpful information back to the originator.
  • You don’t respond to a meeting invitation that has come to you; you aren’t able to make a definitive statement on whether you will attend.
  • You arrive late to a meeting, explaining that your prior meeting over-ran.