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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is a Virtual Assistant? 2. Why use a Virtual Assistant? 3. What are the benefits of a Virtual Assistant? 4. How do we communicate? 5. Why Anytime VA? 6. How much will it cost me? 7. How many hours must I sign up for? 8. Will it work for me? 9. Do I need to use a local VA? 10. Who can benefit from using a Virtual Assistant (VA)? 11. Do I put the VA on my payroll? 12. How does our client relationship work? 13. How does this save my money? 14. Do I need to give my credit card information? 15. Do I need to pay before 7 days trial period? 16. Are you a firm who provides VAs? 17. Where is the team located and what kind of experience do they have? 18. How is billing / payment handled? 19. How do we determine the amount of time required to handle each task? 20. What time zone are you in? 21. If I think I could use your help but on a very inconsistent basis does that work? 22. Can you handle calling tasks?

*Please feel free to contact us for any other queries if it is not covered in the above FAQs.