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Internet Research

We do all kinds of internet research. The following are some of the examples:

  • Finding a list of potential contacts for start-ups, from the sources like LinkedIn, Jigsaw, Crunchbase, and validating them using Click the below link for the example tasks and details.
  • Market research – Analyzing the market share, competitors, competitors' services / products, potential area, etc.
  • Investment Research - finding companies' profile, background, executives' background, funding details, investors, etc
  • Finding the sales contact of the companies and updating them to
  • Digital marketing - finding list of tools, their websites, descriptions, platform used, compatibility and creating a tool page using an application
  • Finding a list of restaurants, bouquet shops, car mechanics, tailors, salons, etc. in a particular area.
  • Finding a list of article writers, their LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, email Ids, etc.
  • Checking the availability of cheap trains / flights and booking them.
  • Finding the resources to fix your software and hardware.