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Sales Lead Generation

Digital marketing may be used more frequently these days to generate leads. However, outbound email campaigns are the best when it comes to converting most qualifies opportunities

Client sets the criteria's to generate sales leads. Here are some of the criterias

  • Geographic location
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Department
  • Role / Title
  • Year established

Here are the some of the channels we usually use for prospecting:

Salesloft - SalesLoft searches through social profiles on the web to find you the exact prospects you’re looking for. Add prospects to lists with one click. Once you have your list you can start qualifying leads and tracking down new leads. Backed by Google’s powerful search engine, you can target unique segments of your market easily. LinkedIn is the base for any prospecting process and its the foremost too. Integrating Salesloft with LinkedIn, Email Ids could be generated by adding our potential prospects to Salesloft extension from LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn advance search is the key to set the process up. We must know the market – which geography to be focused, which department in a company, how many employees in the company, seniority levels, etc. Once this is set up, its easy to add the contacts to Salesloft.

Toofr - Using LinkedIn the niche market’s Name, Title and Website are to be extracted as the initial process again. Based on these three data points, Email Ids could be extracted from Toofr figures out business email addresses using only the first and last names, and the website domain. There is a free sign-up available to extract limited Email Ids and paid service if the need is more.

Zoominfo - If we have our target company list, the contact information such as Name, Title, Email Id, Phone and website could be extracted from (This is widely used across various Clients across the world!)

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