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Privacy policy

Our customer information privacy policy, detailed in this statement, serves as the standard for Anytime VA team in the collection, use, sharing, retention, and security of individual customer information. This is disclosed with an intention to make you feel comfort while visiting the website and using the service.
Without compromising your privacy we believe that we can help you achieve your objectives.


Safekeeping of customer information is a high priority at Anytime VA. We will continue to maintain the high standards necessary to ensure that your information is kept private and secure at all times.

If you discontinue using our services or becoming an inactive customer, we will continue to adhere to this privacy policy.

Maintenance of Accuracy

We strive to maintain complete and accurate information about you and your accounts. Please do notify us incase if you need to correct anything, to help us serve you better.

Limitation of Employee Access

The company employee access to information about individual customers is limited to those with a business reason to have such access. Employees are made aware of our privacy policy and trained in procedures that maintain confidentiality. Employees who violate provisions of the privacy policy are subject to disciplinary action. This could be made flexible with respect to the client and VA relationship. If a Client wants to disclose particular information to his/her assistant to carry out a task for instance, we will do that with knowledge of the manager.

Types of Personal Information Collected

We collect and maintain various types of information about our customers, including:

  • Identification information (contact numbers, dates of birth, addresses, and PIN codes) and
  • Account activity information

With the Third Parties

We do not reveal customer information to our tie-up companies or third parties for their independent use. However, we do it as advised and when needed by the Clients.

Ways to Limit the Company's Use or Disclosure of Your Personal Information

We, at Anytime VA, have developed this policy statement because we want you to understand and trust our commitment to confidentiality and to further understand how we use personally identifiable information.

We are proud of what we do. If you have questions about the privacy policy, please contact us.