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Start-up Entrepreneurs

What is the need for the start-ups to hire a virtual assistant?
Running a business is hard work, especially if your budget is extremely small and hiring employees almost seems like a different dream entirely. Hiring a virtual assistant would help the startup, especially during the initial phase. A virtual assistant can take care of some of the tasks that you may not have time to do yourself. This can also give you a few extra hours during the day to start working on other areas of your core business that may have been neglected.

How a virtual assistant can help start-up entrepreneurs?
Prospecting the potential contacts is the basic and foremost need of startups. This is something we are master at and help you get the list sourcing from various channels. More about prospecting.

Most of our supporting team members work when you sleep i.e. during Indian Standard Time. Delegate the stuffs you want to send it to your virtual assistant by end of the day and the work gets done when you wake up next morning!

Things to keep in mind
Please keep the below points in mind:

  • Schedule an initial call with your virtual assistant to know his/her skillsets and see if it matches the requirement.
  • Understand the ability of your VA to handle the tasks that you have in mind, by sending a few initial tasks.
  • Be sure to give a background of the tasks and the clear instructions to work.
  • Spend time in reviewing the initial tasks and give genuine feedback. This gives the confidence for both, the VA and the Client.
  • Schedule a weekly or a fortnightly call with your VA to review the progress and process changes.

Where to start?
Sign-up for a PAYG plan and start small.