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Facebook Fanpage Maintanence

A well constructed and managed business fan page is the center piece of most successful Facebook marketing strategies.

The purposes of the Client Facebook Fan Page are:

  • To provide a social media presence for the business and
  • To promote products / services / offers
  • To allow the business to interact easily with potential customers and capture leads from the Facebook page in the form of “likes”

Here is the process flow:

1) Consult with you regarding content:
     * Your views on content to be shared with your audience
     * Example posts, from the history of posts if it is already running

2) Load with initial content if needed:
     * We will analyze your business
     * Understand the niche market to focus
     * Analyze the competitors and
     * Look at what to publish on your business fan page to engage your visitors and
     * Share it with you before publishing anything as live, as pre-scheduled posts on Facebook

3) Update the fan page with fresh content daily / weekly

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