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Call Tracking to Improve Telephonic Service

What is the need for the start-ups to hire a virtual assistant?

We could analyze, interpret, and evaluate calls using quality measures and objectives based on your specific areas of concern, promotions, email campaigns and offers which would help you to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Improve your marketing response and cut advertising costs with call tracking!

We help to show you granular data about your inbound telephone activity such as:

  • Caller’s name
  • Products / Services that the callers are interested in
  • Are they calling based on promotions? If so, the name of the promotion
  • Has the sale been made?
  • Has the call been transferred as the receptionist could not answer the call?
  • Has the caller been placed on hold?
  • Was there a on-hold message or just silence?

As of now, we work with Attorneys, Plastic Surgeons & Doctors in US to improve their telephone service to track how their receptionist handles their callers.

Here is the process flow:

1. Client sends the recorded calls as audio files to us
2. We process them as per the requirement (Metrics, Timeline & Reporting template)
3. Send the reports back to the Client

Where to start?
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